Elevate1850 elevates business performance through
evidence-based strategic communications consulting.

Strategic Communications 

A strategic communications plan identifies a starting position and outlines an attainable plan to achieve goals and objectives with an elevated outcome. Elevate1850 collaborates with clients to create comprehensive strategic plans for long-term initiatives or specific events. What makes a plan strategic? Research.


Research plays an essential role at the beginning, middle and end of all communications plans. It uncovers audience sentiment and guides decision-making. Research includes primary research such as surveys and focus groups, as well as secondary research from studies and media analysis. With experience analyzing data and providing actionable insights, Elevate1850 offers unique expertise in this area. Elevate1850 adds value for clients by designing research tools, conducting research and extracting actionable insights.


As a subset of research, measurement is used to determine the impact of initiatives. Measurements–such as those of media outreach, key message penetration, brand awareness, consumer behaviors, KPIs and ROI–guide communications planning and brand strategy. Elevate1850 designs key metrics that align with a company’s strategic plan and evaluates performance to facilitate continuous improvement.

Brand Strategy 

Developing and maintaining a brand that increases value and returns to the bottom line is critical for both startups and trusted household brands. Brand positioning includes understanding the current market and key competitors to define and maximize brand value. Elevate1850 espouses a “branding by inception” technique that weaves threads of branding through every aspect of a business.

Communications Resource Management

With diverse agency experience, Elevate1850 offers a unique service organizing and optimizing various outsourced communications resources, such as public relations agencies, marketing firms and media measurement services. In this role, we align agency priorities, synergize outputs and evaluate with standardized metrics. Our goal in this capacity is to maximize ROI and minimize operational friction.